Surrogacy Doula to Fill in the Gap

Agency owners, let me take you to a memory lane of what most of you experience very often. 

In the Surrogacy Industry there's a gap most families experience in the hospital during the delivery. Some agencies may provide an interpreter to help the IPs with documentation, paperwork and billing. Some agencies just mail the documents to the parents and provide phone guidance of how to proceed, but very few provide surrogate support. Regardless if the surrogates have family with them, they appreciate having someone to support them through that unique experience.

Often times the agency staff does not have experience as a surrogate, or as a parent themselves being unable to help the parents with newborn questions and guidance on caring for their new baby. The parents sometimes rely on the surrogate experience to help them but the surrogate has just delivered and deserves to rest. 

Parents also often times are not granted a room at the hospital to stay with their newborn so they end up leaving the baby at the nursery or at the surrogate's room and go to their hotels. When that happen, the hospital is not able to have the information they need to care for the baby during its stay, they begin to ask the surrogate who starts to get worried and confused due to her not wanting to give wrong information, not knowing the parents wishes for care. Questions such as baby's first shots, circumcision, bottle feeding etc. 

Based on noticing the service gap between delivery and discharge is why I decided to extend my nursing and Doula services to agencies.


The Nurse/Doula Package includes:

- 24Hr On call for deliveries, traveling availability to any state planed or last minute;

- Help with baby postpartum documentation and billing for the IPs (On Call Chinese translator available);

- Surrogate Birth Doula Service and Experienced support;

- Baby and surrogate care during hospital stay;

- Support with breastmilk pumping for surrogate if requested by IPs; 

- IP dedicated Newborn Q&A, education on circumcision care and all normal vaccination in hospital protocol, to promote educated decisions;

- Experienced Surrogate and Nurse dedicated to surrogacy deliveries improve experience and reduces stress from all partied involved;

- Direct Contact arrangement with Agency with Confidentiality agreement in place.

Please Contact me for more information!

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