What if I get an epidural?

My job is to educate you with the best information about the risks and side effects of the epidural and to support whatever decision you make.

How can I choose the right doula?

The right doula for you is the one with whom you feel most comfortable.

How many clients do you take each month?

I take no more than 4 clients per month to make sure I can have full dedication to you.

Do you have children?

Yes. I have experienced pregnancy, labor, birth and raising children. Each of my birth experiences was as different from each other as they will be from yours.

Do you work at my hospital?

I will go to any hospital that would allow the patient to bring their doula. Great question to ask your doctor and the hospital you plan on delivering.

What are your refund policies?

I will make every effort to provide the services described herein. If I fail to attend your birth due to my error and am unable to provide a backup doula, there will be no charge for my services beyond the retainer fee, which covers the cost of the prenatal visit(s), handouts, and my “on-call” availability. If it is due to circumstances beyond anyone's control (for example, natural catastrophic events or an extremely fast labor), we will split the agreed upon balance. If it is due to your failure to call me, I will keep, or you will owe me, the agreed upon full fee for service.

Your doula regularly attends C-sections and will provide support through that process as long as the hospital will allow it.  If you are having a scheduled C-section and your hospital will not allow your doula to be there, I will give you a coupon for the remaining amount due towards your next birth or postpartum care to make up for lost support time.  You are free to use this any time, whether in the hospital immediately following the birth or later, in your home.  This only applies to scheduled C-sections where there has been no labor support prior to surgery.

The fee for doula services covers the prenatal visits, on call time, limiting the number of additional clients, etc. We both hope for a birth that lasts a reasonable amount of time.  If you are lucky enough to have a very short labor, everyone ‘wins’ and if you have a very long labor, I will be there for as long as you need me to be and not charge you any more money.

What is your philosophy about childbirth and supporting women and their partners through labor?

I believe that most women are able to give birth with little or no medical intervention and that any intervention should be that woman's choice, assuming there is no legitimate medical need for the intervention.

My job is to help a woman and her partner achieve the birth they want and to support the couple's wishes and goals. I don't make decisions for my clients and expect them to give birth in any particular way -- I give my clients the information they need to make good birth choices and support their decisions.

May we call you with questions or concerns before and after the birth?

During your pregnancy, I am always available for telephone and/or e-mail support.

When do you try to join women in labor?

I prefer that you call me when you think you are in labor (good rule of thumb is 5 or more contractions within an hour period) or as soon as your water breaks, even if you do not yet need me. Together we will decide if I should come right away or wait for further change. I can answer questions and make suggestions over the phone. We will also decide whether to meet at your home or the birth place.

Do you meet us at home or at our birth place?

That will depend on the circumstances at the time. I generally meet with clients at their home and we labor together before transporting to the hospital or birth center. If your labor is moving quickly and you go to the hospital before I can arrive at your home, I will meet you at the hospital.

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