LVN - Birth Doula Package


  • Pre-natal visit(s) to prepare you for your labor, birth and newborn

  • Accompany you to meet with doctor or midwife if desired (counts as one prenatal visit)

  • Assistance with and preparation of a Birth Plan that works

  • Telephone support and advice throughout pregnancy and immediate postpartum

  • Suggestions for a more comfortable pregnancy and birth

  • Full labor + 2 hours post delivery

  • Massage and other alternative measures to cope with contraction discomfort

  • Continuous, uninterrupted support throughout labor and birth and immediate postpartum

  • Labor and birth positioning suggestions for comfort and labor progress

  • Breastfeeding preparation, information and support

  • Written record of the entire labor and birth

  • Photographs or videotape of labor, birth and/or new baby (as long as it does not interferes with helping the mother)

  • Essential oils, music, dimed lights (set the mood according to the mother’s wish)

  • A birth ball available for your use during labor

  • 1 Postpartum visit

LVN - Postpartum Doula Package

Add some extra help to your package!

Take advantage of a highly experienced and trained help for the first tiring days of bringing your newborn home by having your birth doula also be your postpartum doula. Services include: caring for you and your baby, offering breastfeeding advice, cooking, babysitting, running errands and even doing light housework, so you can rest and enjoy your brand new bundle of joy!

  • $35/hour post partum doula services

  • $150 for 5 hours service ($30/hour)

  • 5 days 5 hour each = $625 (25/hour)

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