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 Studies have shown that the more acknowledgeable we are about our bodies the less fear we have about the changes we go through, and less fear equals less discomfort and better results. It’s all due to the hormones we release according to our feelings and emotions. Fear can slow or even stop your labor. If a laboring mother does not feel safe and calm, her body will act in self defense and stop the process of labor to protect mother and child, which will trigger a chain of procedures performed by the medical team to ensure mother and child safety that might not be part of your birth plan. Give yourself the peace of mind of having the help and support you need to achieve your birth goals.

About Mayara 

Welcome, I’m looking forward to our journey together through this amazing and unique time of your life. Either if it’s for you or someone you love who is going through this special yet emotional moment, providing them with a professional, dedicated and friendly hand is a priceless gift to give.

My name is Mayara Langley, I moved to United States in 2008 from Brazil with a passion for the medical field, specifically pregnancy, labor and delivery. Throughout the years I slowly found my way into the field. After having my two children I pursued to become a Doula and help woman experience the best pregnancy and birth they can have by educating them and guiding them in cooperation with their health care providers.

I have two children and have experienced two completely different births according to my level of knowledge in each pregnancy. With my first born I had a long frustrating and painful labor that lasted 3 days, the hardest part was not being in control due to my lack of knowledge. With my second, I made sure I was educated. Therefore my labor was blissful, calm, quick, I felt empowered and in control. I enjoyed and felt proud; I knew exactly what was going on and how I wanted the process to flow.

As a doula since 2014 I have helped many woman achieve their desired birth and breastfeeding goals, regardless of their type of birth or age. With a passion for the pregnancy, I decided to also become a gestational surrogate and help a family achieve their dreams of parenthood. I delivered a healthy Baby boy in October 2019 while I was going to school to become a Licensed Vocational Nurse, which I graduated in 2020.

Alongside with my regular clients, I have been working in the Surrogacy industry since 2018 providing doula services and coordinating surrogacy IVF cases for agencies and several IVF clinics in Southern California. I saw the need for surrogacy experienced doulas to help these amazing women going through a pregnancy journey of carrying someone else's baby while getting all the care and attention they deserve.

As a woman, I believe in empowering each other to retrieve the power of delivering our children the way we feel comfortable and safe doing it as well as enjoying the process of it. Regardless if the mother chooses to have a home birth, or a C-section with or without pain medication, at the end of the birth the mother needs to feel fulfilled, respected, heard and taken care of, so she can enjoy bringing her little miracle to the world. As your doula, my mission is to educate, advocate, care, listen and serve you so you can have the best birth story possible because you deserve it!

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